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Stay young secret Doublo HIFU therapy



Face lifting and skin tightening laser treatment
Luxura now brings you the most exclusive and most advanced medical-aesthetic equipment, the Doublo HIFU skin rejuvenating treatment. Its success lies in the fact, that unlikely to non-invasive technology in the beauty industry it is providing solution for skin problems which appears over time more quickly and more deeply.
2nd generation of HIFU system, Doublo uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound technology. This improved version is gentler than the 1st generation. During the treatment Doublo emits and transfers high intensity focused ultrasound energy to the deep structures without cutting or damaging surface of the skin. It triggers five important processes in the skin so after the first time you will see clear and spectacular results.

Doublo 5 effects on the skin:

  • Stimulates the reconstruction of collagen
  • Triggers the production of elastin
  • It strengthens the subcutaneous layers of the epidermis, that increases the skin-lifting
  • Reaches the connective tissue layer of muscle contraction, so lifts the skin
  • Remove the unnecessary fat tissue, improves facial contour and reduces the double chin

Why should you use Doublo HIFU treatment?
Because Doublo treatment works with double pulse technology, while others focus on ultrasound procedures and it’s coherency between efficiency and the number of impulses clinically proven.
It works in double layers, what means two coagulation zones can be created at the same time which produces spectacular and more complex results.
The treatment works in double direction, so by this cross grids we can create a dense point system in the skin.

Areas of application
Doublo reaches spectacular results and lasting results in the cheeks, forehead, eye, eyebrow, neck, décolletage and areas above the knee.

Continuously live ultrasound visualization
Focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a serious medical procedure, which has long been used in medicine to cure tumors. Therefore treatment can only be safe and effective when we continuously watching the areas under the control head. There is a special built in Doublo ultrasound visualization system which continuously shows during the treatment area under the skin up to 70 mm deep.

With the help of the system:
check and adjust required depth of the treatment
check the proper seating, direction, and appropriate pressure of headpiece to avoid burns due to bad targeting and strong pressure during the treatment we can avoid areas which are not allowed under focused ultrasound: vessels, bones and nerves.

During the treatment you will get printed ultrasound image of your skin.

Why is it the best method?
The Doublo Lifting is a non-invasive technology. It’s a transition between surface salon treatments and plastic surgeries with long recovery time.

If you are looking for serious solution, but you don’t want traditional, requiring many opportunities and average result treatments (like IPL, radio frequency, fractional RF, laser, mesoteraphy, dermoller etc.) and do not want to lie under the knife, this is the right procedure for you.

From all the technologies only focused ultrasound system can reach the deeper areas and the degrees of 60-70 for r collagen regeneration and involves least amount of risk.

Treatment consists of:
1. Consultation and planning

One full face treatment of Doublo HIFU takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. Before the treatment we provide a consultation at which we assess your skin condition and discuss that should be treated. We assess the state of your health to make sure it is safe for you to completing the treatment. After this with the help of designer cards we will
paint the required directions and number of lines and dots at your face. Careful and precise planning is essential for the proper results.

2. Treatment course
Before the procedure we will document with pictures your initial state.

We will create you a personal ultrasound file and will check the appropriate depth, thickness and condition of your skin with the ultrasound visualization system. According to this we
can choose the appropriate depth also.

After these steps we begin the treatment. As we finish mild redness and swelling may appear. It goes away within a few hours.

3. Follow-up
After completion we cool the skin to reduce the redness and swelling and we put moisturizer on it. We will pass you, your own folder which contains the rules, information after treatment and your own, taken during the treatment ultrasound image.

We will note another consultation date so we can check the improvements with the ultrasound pictures.


Patient satisfaction rate after the focused ultrasound therapy is 80% higher than for other therapies.

Depending on the age and sag of the skin 1, 2, or 3 treatments will be needed (over 50 years you can expect 2 treatments).

Post-treatment results will be seen in 2-3 months, but also the skin keeps evolving over 6 months. The final restructuring will be seen after 6 months.

Maximum efficiency, maximum safety!

Who do we recommend Doublo Face Lifting?


For the age of 30 it is recommended to lift the A line on the face and prevent the loss of collagen production. Since the of collagen fibers in the skin continuously decreases we lose the solidity and tightness of our sikn, speeding up and maintaining the collagen production level may be the key to delay the signs of aging.


For the age of 40 we can cure the slight sagging, highlight the facial contours and prevent from aggravation the crow’s feet around the eyes.


For the age of 50 highly recommended the lifting of jaws, double chin and facial contours, and neck due to sagging and wrinkles on the forehead, specific eyebrow-lifting, which opens your eyes and gives you more youthful appearance.


For the age of 60 worth examining the sagging, slack of muscles. The reaction can be worse because of the reduction (or zero) of collagen fibers our skin cannot rebuilt. So the age of 60 in each case are advised to perform an extra sessions with higher energy, more directions and for each problematic area.
Where did it come from? What you should know about it?
The Doublo is the product of world-known Korean medical equipment manufacturer Hironic. The medical equipment manufactured in Korea is prestigious and factories have always used the latest developments.

Hironic developed their 1st generation HIFU technology so Doublo contains 2nd generation of focused ultrasound. In the market Doublo has the highest level of medical ultrasound imaging and resolution due to which we can see the treated area more accurately. Moreover Doublo capable to treat with a higher energy, which is proven to increase its efficiency.

Doublo creates different coagulation points in the skin, than others, so the treatment is less painful and with the same effectiveness the recovery time is shorter.

The Doublo equipment used by us is guaranteeing that:
• results appear sooner,
• results last longer,
• patient satisfaction is much higher,
than in other HIFU methods.


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