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Hair removal with IPL technology

IPL Permanent Hair removal

IPL Permanent Hair Removal

Intense Pulsed Light Devices are not exactly lasers, but “equivalents”. They use the same concept of selective photothermolysis to get the hair removal done. IPL devices are more difficult to operate than lasers are. They also require a very experienced and skilled technician to operate them. IPL is recommended for ALL SKIN types including all shades between white and black and for all types of hair. (Except unpigmented hair).
In Luxura Studio we use a hight quality IPL machine for your treatement.

Tel: +36 30 229 1088

How it works?
The IPL (intensive pulse light) sytem working with light. Deep under your skin where we finde the hair groving system and cells this light transform (became) heat, and this destroy the hair matrix cells.
The hair growing it has 2 part:
1. when you can feel and see your hair,
2. when you can’t see your new growing hair
That’s why after the first treatement it’s needfull to another treatement. Mostly 1 course containing 6-8 treatement. Between the first 2 treatment needfull 4-5 week break after the other treatement needfull 6-8 week break. Our IPL treatement head is continuing chilled so your skin be in safety it will not warm and nothing.
For the succesfull effect hang from the skin type, the hair melanin put the hair how strong and how bushy.
The treatement every part of the body is changing the reason is anatomy and biology things. Few areas you can experience rehairing what is normal but this hair more thiner and week then before.
Don’t forget it’s not finality hair removal , it’s permanent! Dont forget finality hair removal is not exist! The treatment is without pain you will not feel anything.

Need to know before treat:
• Can’t treat blonde or white hair
• Treating time dependent upon the treating area mostly its between 10-90min
• During the treatment the skin texture became better
• There is no side effect

Important before start treatment:
• Say if you use any medicine or pregnancy
• Musn’t sunbathing or solarium and self-tanning
• Musn’t waxing, epilating between the treatements

Important after the treatment:

• After the treatement immediatly it can happen or appear and/or feel bulge, redness, heat feeling and sensibility.
• If these indicates you feel/see for long time please recall your therapist.
• After the treatment for a few days musn’t use: sauna, warm bath. Only recomending is showering.
• If you need chilling after the treat only use PANTHENOL.
• Musn’t use peeling or any rich/fat cream the treated area, under the treatement the only hair removal what you can use the shaving.

Tel: +36 30 305 43 03

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